We absolutely love the full brow trend. Embracing and enhancing your natural beauty. Xpose salon has just the services to help tame, fluff and groom your brows. Whether you need brow design, shaping, tinting, or grooming we have got it all covered. 

Brow Henna

Brow henna is a semi-permanent method using natural henna dye to stain the skin and brow hairs to give the illusion of depth and fullness. Free of PPD, our Brow Henna contains natural ingredients that do not harm the skin or body. It also offers longevity, lasting longer than any other Brow Henna on the market. A great more semi permanent alternative to microblading or permanent makeup. 

Brow Henna $60

Includes Brow Design & Shaping

Brow Laminating

Beautiful brows in less than 30 min that last up to 2 months!  Brow Laminating is a high-fashion look with a semi-permanent solution. We create Natural Brows without the use of more permanent or invasive techniques. Fluffy or Bold, Tame or Refined. We have the right Brows for you. 

Brow Laminating $75

Includes Brow Design, Shaping & Tint.

Brow Tint

Made in Germany our Brow Tint is made with the highest standards and ingredients available. Tint and shape your brows in less than 30 min. This service is the most natural brow look as it does not last on the skin and only on the hairs themselves. 

Brow Tint $45

Includes Brow Design & Shaping


Refine a Polished  look. Express being Original. Find your unique Style. Show off your Elegance

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