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Volume Hair Extensions.

Single bundled strands of hair extensions are individually bonded to your own hair with a Keratin Nylon Polymer. This type of hair extension can be used on thick or thin hair and is applied based on a 1:1 density of someones existing hair type. This service can be used alone to create length and volume. But can also be customised to fill in isolated areas or add volume to fine limp hair. Each individual strand is camouflaged giving a natural 3D look allowing a 360 degree pivot.

Please note: This is not applied by glue or wax. When cured looks and feels similar to a grain of rice and is not sticky. When solvent is applied to the bond it crystalizes it into dust, for easy, non-damaging removal.

Requires maintenance tidy every 8 weeks. Requires removal and reapplication every 16 weeks.

Maintenance Includes: New bond, Re-application & Dry Trim if needed.



Lead Extensionist



Beaded Rows

Our Most Luxury Hair Extension Method

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