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Keep your Lashes Long


Here at Xpose salon we believe in using only the best products on our clients. Our lash glues are high quality and made in the European Union. Containing only the purest, highest grade ingredients to provide the best quality for you. Although our adhesive dries black it does not contain carbon black and has virtually no fumes. 

Classic Lashes

Traditional type of lash extensions applied using a 1:1 ratio. One natural lash to one lash extension. Perfect for adding a naturally longer look and curl to your lashes.

Full Set New $80

1 Week Fill $30

2 Week Fill $40

3 Week Fill $55

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lash extensions require the combination of classic and volume lash extensions blended together. Perfect for fullness and length without being dramatic. 

Full Set New $95

1 Week Fill $40

2 Week Fill $50

3 Week Fill $65

Volume Lashes

Volume Lashes are a thinner lash extension used to make a fan shape, 2-10 lashes are applied to each natural lash. To create a super full and dramatic look. 

Full Set New $110

1 Week Fill $50

2 Week Fill $65

3 Week Fill $80

Lash Lift

No more lash curler needed. Longer, lifted natural looking lashes that last up to 6 weeks. A great alternative for those who want a fuller lash with less maintenance than lash extensions.

$40 ( Add on tint $15)

Lash Tint

Fuller, Longer looking natural lashes. Smudge and Waterproof tints that last up to 6 weeks. Wake up looking beautiful.