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Laura Corsan

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Stylist. Colorist. Highlighting. 

Who is Laura Corsan?

Laura has always had a passion for hairdressing! She actually started at the very young age of 5 when she grabbed hold of a pair of scissors and "trimmed" her own bangs quite short. This marked the beginning of a life long passion for hair and everything around it. After completing a hairdressing program at Malaspina College in 1997, Laura spent the next sixteen years, at the very busy, Regis Hair Salon in Burnaby. 

She has an impressive professional commitment to excellence, which is largely due to her signature one-on-one client consultations, where she seeks to identify and then exceed her clients expectations and needs. Being in the profession for more than twenty years, has given Laura the appetite to help people fulfil their perfect style. Her experience and creativity is always noticed through her work.

Laura loves to make her clients happy. She enjoys the challenge of working with different textures and styles. She specialises in curly hair and loves to enhance your natural texture and help tame the wild chaos. Not only does Laura relish in a challenge, but it excites her to teach you how to control your curl with proper styling products to help show them them off,rather than hiding them. She also offers Body Waves and Modern Perming services to re create the perfect curls for those with flat un-textured hair.

If you are in search of balayage, babylights, lowlights, or any other foiling techniques, Laura has had allot of experience in these areas as well. She has continued to add to her repertoire of coloring techniques by taking ongoing education classes to provide her clients with the most up to date and current trends specific to their individual needs. 

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