This unique formula, richly infused with Certified Organic Samoa and Babassu Oils delivers instant moisture to dry, coarse or brittle hair. Gently cleansing for daily use, it strengthens and reconstructs, leaving hair softer, stronger and feeling nourished.

Sacco Superfood Hydrating Shampoo

    • This luxurious conditioner delivers instant hydration to dry, coarse or brittle hair, soothing and leaving hair softer, stronger. Perfect for dry and coarse hair.
    • Amla Fruit Extract strongly nourishes and helps strengthen the hair and promotes hair growth.
    • Hydrolyzed Pea protein’s film-forming properties render it an effective moisturizer that provides protective benefits and a silky voluminous feel.
    • Organic Samoa Coconut Oil deeply penetrates and replenishes the moisture in the hair, which leaves it smooth, hydrated and shiny
    • Aloe Vera Leaf Extract acts as a great hydrator and leaves hair smooth and shiny.
    • Babassu Oil high lauric acid makes it an excellent moisturizer for hair and helps nourish and protect the hair.
    • Myrothamnus Flabellifolia also known as the resurrection plant protects the hair walls against dryness and revives the hair follicle by stabilizing the hair’s own moisture.


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