Hey There!

Xpose Salon is excited to welcome you to our safe and clean environment. As we transition July 1st 2021 from a Covid-19 Safety plan to a "Communicable Disease Prevention Guideance" from work safe BC.

We are in Step 3 of the 4 Phase re-opening

What  does this mean?

The criteria for Step 3 is at least 70% of the 18+ population vaccinated with dose 1, along with low case counts and declining COVID-19 hospitalizations. In Step 3, all sectors will transition to using communicable disease prevention guidance from WorkSafeBC.

Mask Guidance.

Masks are recommended in indoor public places for all people 12 and older who are not yet fully vaccinated. The mask mandate order under the Emergency Program Act was lifted July 1.

  • The team at Xpose Salon will continue to wear their masks untill all staff members that have chosen to be vaccinated have had a chance to recieve both their 1st and 2nd doses

  • You're fully vaccinated 14 days after dose 2

  • Masks are optional for children aged 2 to 12

  • Children under 2 should not wear masks

  • Some people may choose to continue to wear a mask after they're fully vaccinated and that's okay


Continued Measures.

While the majority of measures implemented at workplaces to manage the COVID-19 pandemic through 2020 and the beginning of 2021 are no longer required in most workplaces, it's possible that some of the same or similar measures may be required to manage communicable disease transmission in the workplace.

We will:

  • Continue to disinfect and santize surfaces in high traffic areas.

  • Use of hand sanitizer or washing hands with soap and water will be required upon entry to the building

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