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 Anyone dreaming of hair extensions has a flurry of questions about what's involved –

Is it a high-maintenance affair?

What about the price tag?


Fear not, we're here to spill the beans and sprinkle some extra love throughout the journey."

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What is the most popular method for hair extensions?

The Live-In method stands out as the preferred choice due to its lightweight nature and versatile style. This method allows for seamless custom coloring to perfectly match your natural hair, whether you wear it up or down, and it's nearly undetectable.



How is it undetectable?

The undetectable nature of this method is achieved by sandwiching the anchor beads within internal sections of the wefts. As a result, the beads remain concealed, making them invisible when the hair is styled either up or down.



Why is it necessary to have the hair extensions custom colored to match my hair?

Custom coloring the hair extensions to match your natural hair is essential because it effectively conceals the wefts and creates a seamless blend, making them appear as if they are part of your own hair.



Why does Xpose Salon choose to use "LIVD IN Hair Co" branded hair extensions?

Xpose Salon opts for "LIVD IN HAIR CO" branded hair extensions because they offer a cutting-edge color system designed with the natural undertones of the client's hair in mind. These extensions are specifically crafted to be colored simultaneously with the client's hair, using the same formulas. This approach ensures consistent coloring and a seamless fade over time. This not only simplifies the process of refreshing both the client's natural hair and the extensions as necessary but also maintains a harmonious and natural look.



Do I need to use special products for my hair extensions?

Certainly! We've extensively explored the realm of hair products, trying numerous brands to identify the top-notch options for you. Following our recommendations will play a crucial role in prolonging the lifespan of your hair extensions. Consider it as a form of insurance for your hair. 😉



Are the products included in the cost of my initial installation?

Absolutely! We believe in providing you with everything you need for a successful experience. Your stylist will evaluate your daily routine and hair care requirements, selecting products that are the perfect fit for you and your specific hair type. Rest assured, we've got you covered.

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