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Hair Botox Express

Introducing Our Revolutionary Hair Care Product


Anti-Aging Formula: 

Our concentrated hair treatment is a game-changer for both natural hair and hair extensions. In just minutes, it transforms your dry locks, providing a nourishing effect that leaves your hair feeling silky and revitalized.


Versatile Treatment for Your Hair

Versatile in every way, our treatment can be seamlessly integrated into your hair care routine. It's perfect for use between hair botox treatments or as a stand-alone hair treatment, all while preserving 100% of your natural curl pattern.


Nourish Your Hair

Do you have dry, brittle, over processed hair or split ends? Nourishing your hair has never been easier. Our formula excels in repair and conditioning properties, delivering unparalleled softness and silkiness. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and parabens, as our product is crafted with care to be free of these harmful additives.


Safe for All Hair Types

It's not only safe for your hair but also ideal for all hair types, including color-treated, highlighted, or virgin hair. Experience the transformation and rejuvenation that our anti-aging formula offers to your natural hair and hair extensions. Say hello to frizz-free, nourished, and incredibly soft hair. Book as a stand alone treatment or add on this service to your hair cut, toner or color today.

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