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The Color Specialists.


At Xpose Salon, our vibe is all about "come as you are" or "dress to impress." Our West Coast, slightly boho-inspired salon welcomes you to join us and discover a look that truly represents your personal brand and style.

Our Colorists.

At Xpose Salon, we're not just a team of skilled professionals; we're a close-knit family deeply dedicated to our craft. Our ongoing pursuit of skill enhancement keeps us at the cutting edge of the beauty industry. We prioritize community over competition, firmly believing in raising the industry bar, for our incredible clients and fellow stylists. We are here to enhance your appearance and self-confidence while setting higher standards in the beauty world.

Who is your fit?

The Stylist Break Down


Visionary Stylist

$95/hr Visionary Stylists lead our in-salon education, pooling their years of experience to introduce fresh ideas and techniques to our team. They constantly push boundaries, staying ahead of the curve with the latest trends and techniques to offer our clients. ​ Their innovation is both inspiring and fundamental to our team's growth and in-salon education. Such demand surrounds these exceptional stylists that they typically accept bookings 6+ weeks in advance. Their expertise remains a sought-after asset for those seeking the most cutting-edge beauty transformations.


The Creative Stylist

$85/hr Creative Stylists, with years of experience and training alongside our Visionary Team, have honed a strong foundation and acquired a broad skill set. They specialize in balayage, blonding, and creating vivid and imaginative color designs. ​ In high demand, our Creative Stylists often schedule bookings 4+ weeks ahead. Clients seek their expertise for stunning and trendsetting hair color transformations that set the stage for memorable looks.


The Experienced Stylist

$75/hr Experienced Stylists bring a wealth of experience to the chair. Their years in the industry have made them strong, confident, and eager to keep expanding their skills. They are well-rounded in the art of blonding and color, and many are on their journey towards becoming a Creative Stylist. ​ These skilled professionals are currently welcoming new clients, making booking requests 2+ weeks in advance a worthwhile choice. It's an opportunity to benefit from their seasoned expertise as they continue to evolve and shape their careers in the world of beauty.


Assistant / Apprentice

$55/hr Assistants are newly graduated from hairdressing programs, taking their first steps in perfecting their skills. Their enthusiasm for learning is unwavering as they receive hands-on mentorship from our esteemed Visionary Stylists. This mentoring continues throughout their journey as they evolve and craft their unique style and brand, solidifying their integral role at Xpose Salon. ​ Typically, our assistants accept bookings 1-2 weeks in advance. It's an opportunity to be part of their budding careers and witness the growth of these emerging talents as they embark on their path towards becoming top-tier stylists.

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How does our pricing work?

Our pricing at Xpose Salon operates uniquely. We are a hybrid salon, charging based on both the time spent and the amount of product used. It's simple: use less product, pay less, use more product, pay more.


Similarly, booking more time comes with a higher price tag, while booking less time is a more budget-friendly option. We believe in offering a flexible pricing structure that caters to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring you get the most value out of your salon experience.

Color Services

"Enhance Your Beauty, One Color at a Time"

Please note - HAIR CUTS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN COLOR TIME *** Please add a hair cut service when booking.

Looking for a Hair Cut or Style?

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